“For 5 years I had a terrible ache in my legs. My legs had was swollen. I had taken lots of drugs but nothing worked. As the praise and worship was going on, the power of God began to move on my legs and I felt water physically coming out of my legs. The water became so much, I had to take my shoes off. For the first time after 5 years, my legs feel fine, and no more pains anymore. Halleluyah!”
-Sis. ElisabeTahulela


“I have been on peritoneal dialysis for 5 years because of kidney failure and I had excruciating pains on my back, but as Pastor Emmanuel was praying in the service the pain began to leave my body. To the glory of God, I feel very fine now. I give God all the praise.”
–Sis. Emily. M


“Praise the living God. Last week Pastor Emmanuel mentioned the case of someone who has been losing money and I grabbed that prayer for my brother because he had been losing money mysteriously for about 7 months. After the service, I phoned my brother and he grabbed the prayer as well. Less than 2 weeks after, my brother phoned me and said to me: “the man who has been stealing my money is here with me confessing and asking for forgiveness.” I thank the God of this ministry for giving us testimony every time.”
–Sis. Lillian Mulumbi


I was diagnosed with inflammation of the kidney and bladder due to a pelvic abscess I had in 2005. On Thursday, I developed a very severe pain on my left side and I could not walk or even stand without pains, and also I couldn’t pass urine for 3 days (from Thursday). But to my surprise, the moment I entered church today, I was so pressed that I rushed to the toilet, and what had not happened for 3 days happened, I could pass urine, and it came out without any pain. I thank God for His healing power in this church.”
–Sis Blessing M.


“For the past nine months I have been here in South Africa. I have been experiencing serious body itching, but today as Pastor was praying, the infirmity left me completely, I don’t feel any itching sensation anymore to the glory of God.”
–Okoro Vincent


“Two weeks ago, Pastor Emmanuel called me out by prophetically and said God had healed me of hypertension and diabetes. This is something I had been suffering for a very long time. But after the man of God prayed for me, I believed everything he said. For 8 days now, I have not taken any blood pressure pills and my blood pressure is now normal. Praise Master Jesus.”
–Br. Agodi U.


“I want to thank God for the grace upon this ministry. On the first day I came to this church, Pastor Sule Emmanuel was preaching about “THE HELP DIMENSION”. After he preached, he prophesied that we will enjoy supernatural help that week. To the glory of God, that same week, God helped me through someone and I got a new job that pays me double compared to what I was been paid before. Glory be to God. Amen.”
–Bro. Byron

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